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Finding Nutritious Foods

  • Not everyone wants to live on a farm.

  • How do you find high quality nutritious foods - non GMO and pesticide free?

  • You can start here.


Over the last 36 years we have been working to stay ahead of the wave of toxic foods as they moved into the food stores. I remember one experience I had at one of the larger health food stores in Southern California. This was back in the 1990's.

I asked the attendant of the fresh produce department if he could point me to the non-GMO section. He looked at me with a blank stare and said he’d never heard of GMO’s. At this point I decided I better see what I needed to do to find the truly healthy foods.

I thought the foods were being labeled or known about by the healthfood industry. I've been doing my own research ever since. I've found it difficult to find a healthfood store in my area that is selling strickly non-gmo and toxic-free food.

You'll find more choices of healthy foods here.

You can learn about new and good nutritious foods as well as our experience and where to find them. Some may be at your local health food store or be accessible on the Internet and shipped direct to your door. Here's our latest discoveries.

A New Food Making a BIG Change

This unique, wholesome food is now being grown here in the US. If you are interested in nutrient dense foods, this one is a game changer for young, old and in between. Details coming soon...

Save Time and Money for More Nutrition

Wheatgrass has been around for many, many years but we've recently discovered how it's being grown and processed making it better than growing it yourself. Totally amazing so don't pass this one by. Full article coming soon...

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